If you want to know how to import presets into the desktop version of Lightroom (Classic and CC) here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

Let’s start!

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud Account, you can simply install the presets in your desktop version of Lightroom CC (no Lightroom Classic) and they will automatically sync to the mobile version as well.

If you do not have an Adobe Creative Cloud Account and want to use the Lightroom App on mobile, you will need to install the presets manually directly from your smartphone, following our guides (Guide for AndroidGuide for iOS).

This guide is valid for desktop version (Computer and Mac):

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic (Vers. 7.3 or higher)
  • Lightroom CC and Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)

Importing presets to the desktop Lightroom version (both computer and Mac) is really simple.

In the e-mail it arrives after purchasing the presets click on the item [Nomepresetpack – Android Desktop] this .zip folder contains the .xmp file (these files are fine for Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Android App).

Once the .xmp files have been extracted from the [Nomepresetpack – Android Desktop] folder, simply import them via the Adobe Lightroom menu.

File> Import Profiles & Presets … (it is also possible to directly import the zipped folder)

Import Presets

Done this, if you have Lightroom CC automatically syncs your presets, profiles, and images on your Mobile device via the cloud.

Just make sure both applications are synced with your Creative Cloud account. You must also ensure that “syncing” is enabled on both.

Now you can use presets in your Lightroom on desktop and the same presets in the Mobile App as well.

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