If you want to know how to download lightroom Mobile for free this is the page that contains the answer.

Download Lightroom Mobile

One of the questions we are asked most often is the following:

“Do I have to purchase Lightroom to use your professional presets?”

If you don’t know Adobe Lightroom® is a photo software developed by Adobe available for macOS and Microsoft Windows (desktop and mobile), designed to edit, organize, store and share your photos on any device.

It is a very powerful software for photo editing, if you use taking pictures and sharing online it is a must-have software/app!

The best part is that it’s free!

Yes, you understood the famous Adobe Lightroom, software used by both professional and amateur photographers, is free for all users.

Adobe has made available Lightroom to download completely free on  mobile, to use it, simply create an Adobe account for free and download the software from the app stores.

You can download the free Lightroom Mobile App from the:

Apple App Store (iOS)

Google Play Store (Android)

The free version gives you access to the management of our photo collections and also to powerful editing tools, which until recently were reserved only for professionals who bought these programs.

By opening the Lightroom App you can access your photos and make changes to each individual photo.

You will be able to use various tools that make this app the absolute best around. Tools to quickly correct parameters such as exposure, color temperature and many other adjustments.

Obviously with the possibility of applying our presets to your photos, which will transform a dull photograph in a few seconds, into a captivating and correctly balanced shot, ready to receive many more likes!