Start Here: Which preset do you need?


On this page we want to explain in 2 simple words what a preset for Lightroom is and which preset packs to choose.

The preset is a set of pre-set changes that are applied to a photo to improve it (light and shadow adjustments, color saturation, sharpness, black and white, exposure, etc.). We could compare them to a kind of filters, but much, much more advanced.

When we talk about automatic presets we are talking about Lightroom.

Lightroom is an app you can use for FREE from mobile (for both iOS and Android) and it is through this app you can apply a preset to your photo in a simple click.

Presets are very useful for improving the quality of a photo, making even a photo taken with a simple smartphone a professional photo.

After/Before example Preset Sunshine (Love Bright)

BeforeAfter Preset Sunshine

Take the photo from your smartphone – open it with Lightroom and apply the desired preset – publish it on your favorite social network or print it. Simple isn’t it?

Within our site you will find various preset packages this because each package has been designed for a particular environment, light and color, and we can guarantee to obtain a good result for each preset we have spent several hours and tests on tons of photo.

A small example: if you go to the sea and take pictures on the beach it is almost sure that your photos will contain a lot of blue or turquoise, they will be very clear, you will be little dressed etc … in this case you will have to apply one of the presets present on the Sea Love for example, because these presets have been designed to give the best with this type of environment/light.

Our presets in particular are specific for selfies, portraits and close-ups or in any case where there is a person in the foreground, as they are designed to give greater prominence to the complexion of the skin, the color of the teeth, the tone of the hair and the eyes.

Of course they also work well with landscapes or for photos of your pets but they work best with portraits of people.

But, now we come to the strong point which preset pack to buy?

Must have presets

If you haven’t purchased any presets from our site at the moment, we definitely recommend starting with our must-have. These presets are designed to give more light and airiness to photos.

You know those magazine photos with that light and airy look?
Here these presets help you get there, well it is clear that there must still be a nice photo at the base.

They have been studied and tested on many photos and are good in all situations, perfect especially if your photo is dark and you don’t see much detail. You can see the after/before to get an idea, the must haves are:

Black and white or vintage/retro presets

Would you like to give your photo a mysterious look?

If you don’t know with our presets you can convert your photo to black and white or give it a vintage, retro look and to do this the presets you need to have are:

Preset for Blogger or Influencer

In creating these preset packs we were inspired by some famous social profiles and here is the result:

Wedding Presets

They certainly could not miss the presets to embellish even more the most beautiful day of your life: the wedding.

These are presets designed precisely for ceremonial events, keeping in mind details such as the dress of the bride or groom, or artificial light, or natural backgrounds etc …

In addition to those we have listed on this page, on the Presets Pro page you will find all the preset packs with all the after/before examples so you can have a clear idea of the final result.

All of our presets work on both mobile and desktop.

Once you have purchased the presets you will receive an email with a personal link where you can download them. Together you will also receive an installation guide and some tips to get the best possible result.

You can see all our experiments and try after/before on our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest channels.