For each selfie published on the different social networks we have certainly taken at least 10 of which we were not satisfied, so here are some tips to follow for a perfect selfie poses.

Selfie Poses Tips
Selfie Poses Tips

1. The right angle for a perfect selfie poses

For a perfect shot, you need to find the right angle for your face, it’s really essential. Strengths must be highlighted, but imperfections must be hidden and the face must be slightly in profile.

2. Take your selfie poses from above

Taking the photo from above, the oval will look more harmonious, the eyes will be bigger, if the shot is done from below the proportions will look less harmonious, you don’t have to place the smartphone in front of you, but always choose an angle a little oblique.

3. The right light

Artificial or natural light, it doesn’t matter. The light allows us to see the defects of the face, so it helps you to hide them, but at the same time enhances the qualities of the face.

The perfect shot is guaranteed if you are close to the window or in the open air, but be careful because if the light is too strong, it’s not good because it could only highlight the defects.

4. Hold your smartphone the right way

Better to hold the phone horizontally by taking it on the top side. Just put the index in the upper part, while in the lower part with the little finger.

By doing this your thumb will be free to take your perfect selfie.

5. Better the front or rear camera?

The rear camera has a much better resolution than the front one, so the photo will look better, but the downside you can’t see yourself while posing. But with a little bit of pose training you will practice and you will no longer need to look at yourself.

Remember your gaze should be facing the camera, and by raising your eyebrows slightly you can make your eyes appear larger.

6. Pay attention to the background

You try to take your perfect selfie poses but then you discover that the background was hiding a “horrible” detail, like a toilet bowl or a waste bin.

Surely a selfie with your back to the sea or with the sunset is much more beautiful, so when you shoot you focus not only on yourself but also on the background.

7. A little photo editing doesn’t hurt

Once the selfie has been taken, it is always better to edit the photo and then possibly post it on social media.

Editing does not mean modifying your physiognomy by making you taller, thinner or similar to edit it means touching up the lights and shadows using some filters or presets like those you can find here and the likes will be guaranteed, which now all or almost all influencers do .

And now pick up your smartphone and go for selfie poses! 😉