The black and white world is deep and hides a lots of emotions and details inside it.

Blak and White Presets
Blak and White Presets

Monochrome theme gives the image a whole new meaning and tells its own story , and let the image speak itself.

Here are some key points that why black and white images are interesting and rich in emotions.


Without color, an image has less ways of differentiating the elements that make up its composition. If you turn an image black and white then the subject will fade into rest of the details. In the case of portraits if subject is clearly distinct from the background then it’s black and white version will give it new vision.


Black and white conversion can change the tone a darker, more dramatic, or more somber mood. Black and white images are free of any distractions. The most interesting thing about black and white image is the simplicity.


The details can be brought out by removing the distractions of color. If there is a detail you want to capture in particular, black and white conversions can capture it very well. With the black and white the texture is more prominent without being overpowered by other elements.


The black and white photography have it’s own vintage feel of its history . As a result, it often just makes an image look “cool” and retro.

Why you should use our black and white presets?

When to use black and white presets? Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. When the light calls for it.
    The quality of the light has a huge impact on decision to convert a picture to black and white. For example, a subject that is lit from the front with even light will not convert as well as a nicely side-lit subject. The evenly lit picture will lack dimension.
  2. When the shadows of the subject are present.
    Shadows add magic and interest to a picture and converting a photo to black and white
  3. When they’re images of the heart.
    Taking away all of the colour leaves the viewer with a raw and soulful image. These are the photos that pull at your heartstrings, the ones that make you feel like you are witnessing a private moment
  4. When there’s movement.
    Pictures with motion are the pictures that bring you right back to that moment and as a viewer, make you feel like you are right there living that moment.
  5. When the photo is timeless.
    Black and white picture seems timeless and have sense of nostalgia, thinking how timeless they were.


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