Why choose our Lightroom® Presets?


If you are thinking to buy presets, you must read this page because you will understand what our Professional Lightroom® Presets in particular have and how they differ from other types of presets.

Take 3 minutes and read what we have to tell you about the work behind each of our preset packs and why it makes a difference.

First of all, our professional presets are designed exclusively for selfies, faces, portraits of people and close-ups, they can also be applied to other types of images such as landscapes, objects or the like but give the best results when there is a person or a close-up on the photo.

Presets Lightroom for Selfie

As you understood, our presets packs are designed for images with faces, faces or people and differ from other types of presets because during the development phase of each individual preset, mainly the color of the complexion, the whiteness of the teeth is taken into account, of the iris of the eyes, of the hair and their tone, of the color of the lips and all those aspects that differentiate a face, giving particular emphasis to these parts of a face or a person’s figure.

We have created the categories: Black and White, Beach  or Light and Airy not surprisingly!

That’s why with our presets the best results are obtained with photos of people.

If you have read the About Thesellfie.com page you will already know who we are and that the Lightroom® Presets you find on Thesellfie.com are designed and elaborated with a lot of passion directly by us.

We don’t stop at “WE”, every time we want to get the most out of it, so once created we usually submit our presets to some team of often award-winning photographers, outside our staff, to get other points of view and maybe further improvements .

Then after after being created by us, they go through other groups of professional photographers who in turn test and verify the quality of each preset pack before being permanently reviewed and offered for sale on our site.

Nothing is left to chance, every single preset takes several hours and tests after tests on many photos (often more than 1,000)

For this reason we can without a doubt STATE that our  Presets Pro are the ultimate tool for bloggers, influencers, professional and amateur photographers, retouchers, brand managers and marketers looking to elevate every image they post online.

If you need to professionally improve a photo that portrays your person, a selfie, a face, a close-up, our preset catalog is the one that will help you do this.

Technical Details about Our Presets

You must own Adobe Lightroom® in order to use these presets. An Adobe subscription is NOT required to use these presets on mobile devices

Our professional  Presets can be used with:

  • Lightroom Mobile (free*)
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (Vers. 7.3 or higher)
  • Lightroom CC and Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)

*The free Lightroom Mobile App used to edit images taken on your smartphone. You can download the free Lightroom Mobile app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Our presets are compatible with Mac – Pc – Android – IOS with the LPP (Lifetime Purchase Protection) and the presets can be installed on multiple computers (for example, if you work from a desktop and a laptop)

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